Solar Piling

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HD 110
Tech Specs
Engine Power: 114 hp
Width of Crawler: 6.79 ft
Stroke: 14+ ft
Crowd Force: 12,346 lbs/ft
Weight: 23,150 lbs
Energy Class: 750 lbs/ft
Working Pressure Range: 1450-2320 psi
Frequency Range: 800-1100 bpm

HD 180


Tech Specs

Engine Power: 173 hp

Width of Crawler: 7.3 ft

Stroke: 13.45 ft

Crowd Force: 12,346 lbs

Weight: 26,460 lbs

Mast Attachments

Hennessy is proud to offer custom-made mast attachments that 
are suitable for a wide range of excavators.
Please call for more information and product details.